I soldered up my first booster on vero somewhere around 2004. Shortly after I volunteered at a guitar repair center and discovered I had a knack for guitar electronics and effects. I love to help people find their sound with the right pickups and stompboxes. Since then I've repaired, played and listened to dozens upon dozens of analog effects, vintage and modern. These experiences were put to use when I started designing PCBs in 2012. My work is strongly rooted in the DIY community. So many generous people have shared their knowledge and test-build my circuits.

Mid 2017 I felt my designs had evolved enough to offer them for sale to a wider audience and I started Nucleon FX.

I've got a degree in Applied Physics and teach physics classes at the high school level. Designing PCBs is really a hobby turned business. I love teaching physics and will continue to do so. In my free time, I'm Nucleon FX's CEO, head designer, marketeer and sole employee.

- Rutger

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