When will orders ship and when are they expected to arrive? Orders are shipped out within 5 working days. Orders within the EU should arrive within two weeks after shipping. For orders outside of the EU things are more unpredictable. It depends on a lot of factors beyond the control of Nucleon FX and can be anything from one week up to seven or eight weeks.

If, after this period, the PCB still hasn't arrived, please contact me via e-mail. It is very unlikely for an order to go missing in the mail, but it does happen.

What about taxes, VAT and customs fees?
Taxes have been paid for all orders that ship to EU countries. Outside of the EU there may be additional taxes and customs fees that are to be paid for by the customer.

Where to source components for a project?
There are various online vendors of electrical components. Below are a few that cater specifically to DIY musicians. Do shop around.

After populating and hooking up a PCB the effect isn't working (properly). What's next?
Nucleon FX guarantees to deliver a PCB that's free of production errors. You should be prepared to do extensive debugging before claiming a defective PCB. This is an integral part of building effects. Steps to take (amongst others):

  • Double-check component values and their placement on the PCB
  • Visually inspect the board for cold solder joints, solder bridges or possible damage to the PCB from mechanical stress or overheating.
  • Use a digital multimeter (DMM) with a continuity tester to check continuity. Two traces may seem connected, but are they really?
  • Google 'audio probe' and build one from a left over (but working) guitar cable. Trace the signal through the circuit. Does a signal get into the PCB, how far does it travel before it stops?

If you're still stuck after taking these steps you can of course contact me. Better yet, post your issues on the forum of a DIY community and let me know (so I can take a look along with other people). This is likely to help you out a lot faster than an e-mail. I can highly recommend the forums over at DIYStompboxes and MadbeanPedals.

If after investigation it turns out that the PCB was faulty due to a production error that can not be fixed or easily circumvented I will send out a new one free of cost. Please contact me via e-mail within two months after receiving the PCB.

Can PCBs be returned?
If you want to return an order for a refund you should state this within 14 days of receiving it. Please use the Returns Form.

May a PCB (layout) be used to build pedals for commercial purposes or be redistributed as part of a kit?
In general Nucleon projects are intended for personal (DIY) use, unless stated otherwise. For details on a particular project please review the licensing information provided on the first page of the specific build document. Commercial (re)selling or distribution of the PCB, its design layout or the build documents is prohibited under all circumstances. The PCB layout is the intellectual property of Nucleon FX. Have a fun build, show it off to your friends, build one for your brother and sister or bandmate as a present or at a small fee.

I don't want to solder my own PCB. Can I just buy a pedal?

I'm more than happy to discuss pedal builds to order or specific custom wishes. Please send me a message through the contact form and we can work something out.

Where can I find your Facebook, Instagram or e-mail address?
Below every page there's a collection of buttons that will take you to the right place.

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