In addition to the webshop Nucleon FX offers repair services and custom (analog) effects solutions, mainly to local customers. If you have a broken pedal or think Nucleon FX can help you realize your guitar-effects fantasies, please feel free to make inquiries through e-mail. Below you'll find some samples of custom work I've done.

PCB on demand: The BACE

In his quest for the ultimate low end oomph, Mark Zandveld designed the BACE: a cello body with a bass guitar neck. The design includes a custom preamp, blending different pickups. Mark supplied a schematic and I turned it into a PCB according to his desired specs, including the use of 9mm pots, a charge pump and Molex headers. You can read more about the Bace here.


Bender MkIII

Meet Bender, a modified ToneBender Mk III. This is a good example of what Nucleon FX is all about.

The circuit board went through three revisions before it made it to this box. It features a charge pump to produce a -9V supply from a regular +9V Boss style PSU. There's true bypass switching and shielded cables on the input and output to limit noise. The fuzzing in this case is done by three NOS GET872 germanium transistors. Many other options are available, like OC47s. As it turns out, two of the three transistors could have been silicon without impacting the sound.

Graphics are all hand stamped onto a yellow anodized enclosure.

It features controls for Level, Fuzz, Meat (bass and treble content) and Bias


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