Original Design

Redstone EQ and Preamp

A 3 band EQ with a boost circuit

The Redstone is a very effective three band EQ. It has shelving bass and treble controls (Baxandall-style) to add thumb and sparkle. Then there’s an independent mid boost/cut control that can be easily adjusted to taste by choosing different resistors. The fourth control sets the level of an opamp booster stage.

Add sparkle to your clean tones, scoop out the mids for your metal riffs or smash into the front of your tube amp with a very hot, mid boosted signal to get it cooking. You could even plug it into the FX return of an amp and use the Redstone as a preamp, coupled with your favorite OD pedal.

Last but not least there’s a charge pump on the board to get you 18V for increased headroom.

The B stock item is missing a resistor which has to be soldered underneath the board.



EUR 8.00

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