Original Design

Saturn V Distortion

Great distortion tones with active mids to go from scoop to smooth

A new take on a classic distortion circuit. Two cascaded gain stages bring you a nice, searing blues rock lead tone. With the active mid control you can scoop or boost the mids for modern metal sounds without a lot of added noise.

Because of the split rail 18V design head room is increased. This preserves nuances in your playing and also ensures that the distortion reacts very well to rolling back the volume on your guitar.

The high frequency roll off just shaves off the ice pick sounds. Meanwhile the presence switch subtly boosts the frequencies above 2k by 3 dB. Great when you want to use this box as a distortion channel preamp into a power amp. To further accomodate this the output can be boosted to line level.



EUR 8.00


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