Original Design

Solstice Parametric Overdrive

The last OD you'll ever need

The last overdrive you'll ever need. It features all the things you want from a screamer and adds to it. An overview of those features:

  • Optical Bypass
  • Buffered input and output
  • Tube like pre gain
  • Semi parametric mid control (400 Hz to 4000 Hz)
  • Mosfet clipping
  • 3-way tone switch

The board uses a dual gang 9mm pot which is included with your order.

Also consider the possibility of a dual Solstice 2-in-1 build for the ultimate in overdraive stacking or pairing it with the Fusion clean blend PCB.



EUR 10.00

Boards will be prototyped in the first half of July and if possible shipped out between July 15 and 22. If a second prototype is needed the Solstice will ship at a later date than the other items at no extra charge.


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