Stargazer Fuzz

1 knob NPN germanium fuzz with optional transistors

The fuzz knob is dimed internally and there's only one (very responsive) level control. A reliable, thick and massive fuzz is your reward. This will get you that Eric Johnson or Bonamassa thing.

You can order a board or combine it with a matched set of NPN germanium transistors. Please note that due to limited stock only one transistor set of each type is allowed per order.

AC176: medium to high leakage current, reasonable temperature stability, has a (good) egde to the sound

OC141: Valvo or Philips black glass with virtually no leakage current, exceptional temperature stability, warmer sounding.

The PCB features optical bypass using a TLP222G and easily fits a 1590A or similar enclosure. It uses NPN transistors so you can use it with a regular Boss style PSU.



EUR 4.00

Please make sure you've read the FAQ or the Terms of Service before ordering.


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